Welsh Open Results!

The Welsh Open has drawn to a close, a great weekend had by all, numerous PB’s made, multiple records broken and a lot of great lifters showcased.

So we’re our expectations met?

Let’s start of with Tomos Ellis-Williams. Tomos needed a 260kg total to qualify for the Welsh Seniors. He made us nervous by missing his first snatch at 115kg but came back out to successfully lift 115 and then 120kg. Then successfully clean and jerked 140, 145 and 150kg to come away with a massive 270kg total! 10kg above the qualifying total. We’re looking forward to seeing Tomos lift in the Welsh Seniors in March.

Video by Under The Bar

Awen Davies also had a nervous start by missing her first two snatches at 65kg, clearly nervous and now frustrated Awen came to save her competition by nailing her final snatch at 65kg. When it comes to having to make a third lift, its not about the weight, its all mental. Awen did incredibly well to make her third snatch. Coming out to her first clean and jerk, Awen was halted as she approached the bar, the centre ref stopped the competition as there was a problem with the platform. Not what Awen needed. But once the platform was fixed and the refs were all happy, she came out and stormed through her clean and jerks, successfully lifting 80, 84 then a new Welsh Record at U23 (63kg) with 88kg. We’re pretty sure this gives her a Welsh Record Total too with 153kg beating Steph Owens record of 152kg. But thats all to be confirmed. Awesome first competition for Awen coming away with Silver!


Chloe Hood also had a bit of a nightmare start by over weighing! She competed in the 69kg category and lifted very well to come away with 58kg snatch and 75kg clean and jerk which we think are new Welsh Records in the U18 clean and jerk, and U17 and U16 Snatch, C&J and Totals. Awesome performance from Chloe, especially as she trained through this comp!

Video from SAW Cymru

One of the biggest surprises looking into the Welsh Open was the return of Michaela Breeze.. However this did not material as Michaela did not lift. We don’t know if it was through injury or whether she stuck to coaching her lifters, but Michaela did not lift.

Go check out Under The Bar for all of the pictures and footage from the Welsh Open.

Thanks for reading!