Nobodies code is completely clean

Don’t be afraid to use someone else’s code.

A breakdown of a Web Developer’s Time.

This statement is actually true. For example, this is a list of some big websites that use Bootstrap (gathered by Wappalyzer): Netflix, Paypal, Aliexpress, and Bitbucket. TechCrunch uses Wordpress, Dropbox uses Foundation, and there are tons of other examples of big sites using frameworks.

Top 10 websites using Bootstrap, gathered by Wappalyzer.

When I started learning to code (about 3 years ago), I believed I should always write my own code. I believed I shouldn’t use any kind of code from someone else. Obviously, I was naive.

Trying to create a fully responsive and interactive site from scratch would be dumb because things like Bootstrap and Foundation already exist. Trying to create a blog without a CMS would be dumb because things like Wordpress and Blogger already exist. Doing e-commerce from scratch is dumb because things like Shopify and WooCommerce already exist. My point is, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get up and running.

I was scared to use frameworks and libraries at first, but I then discovered the real ability every developer (web, software, game, etc…):

The real ability of a developer is to know how to combine frameworks, libraries, etc… To build a great product fast.