Since your attention span may be low, I will link you this.

Again I read your article which means I also watched that video. Your need to add personal attacks to your responses only makes you look defensive.

Acting Director McCabe did not say Comey did not ask for more resources. He said he could not confirm it and that asking the DOJ is not the usual procedure. I assume you see the difference.

Since this information from the WaPo came from a second hand source, as opposed to directly from Comey, the exact exchange between Comey and DOJ is unknown, and also not confirmed. Further more, being adequately resourced and funded is a matter of opinion. McCabe does not have to be lying to contradict the source. He simply has to have a different opinion than Comey. Furthermore, McCabe, assuming he is honest and seeking truth in this investigation, could easily be making these statements as a way to try to avoid further interference from the White House. If McCabe takes a public stance in opposition to the white house it is possible the White House continues to interfere in the investigation. Much smarter to say he can’t confirm the story and then try to put it to rest by saying something that doesn’t directly contradict the story or force him to lie. “We come to congress for resources” is such a statement.

Please keep in mind I am not necessarily supporting any of these theories. I am simply pointing out that what you label as “fact” is not even close to being fact. Which is the only issue I have with your post. You seem to want to discredit stories about possible corruption and law breaking in the white house for no good reason. The work being down by news organizations is incredibly important. Without an anonymous source Flynn would still be in the administration.

Back to topic at hand though.

NBC news provides a different understanding of the alleged resource request (none of these events have been proven one way or the other)

Could the WaPo source be flat lying? Yes, but probably not.
Could the WaPo be making the whole thing up? Yes, but probably not.

Both of those scenarios are unlikely. Why do I think so? Because sources you cite yourself to support you and others also reported the same story independently of the Washington Post. Feel free to google them. The article I link lists all the newspapers that released stories about the alleged Comey request without citing the WaPo in their own stories.

What is the most likely event? A source for the WaPo gave their understanding of a conversation they may or may not have heard first hand which turned out to be less than perfectly accurate. It is also possible the WaPo inaccurately quoted the source.

I think it is most likely that the understanding of events from the source was not perfectly accurate. If a journalist misquotes an anonymous sources they likely will lose those sources which is bad for business. In all likelihood, the source knew of a request made by Comey told the WaPo what he knew, and didn’t get it exactly right when talking to the post.

If NBC’s anonymous congressional sources in the above article are to be believed saying that Comey asked the DOJ for more resources seems like a reasonable interpretation of that conversation.

To further drive this point home that same WaPo article you cite regarding the alleged resource request quotes Dianne Feinstein saying she personally was not briefed on such a request. If the WaPo is trying to build a specific narrative instead of just relay the news why include the Feinstein quote that doesn’t support the anonymous source? The answer is simple. They aren’t building a narrative. They are reporting what they have heard.

It is as if the WaPo is letting it’s readers know these stories still have many unknowns. That is exactly what I expect a good article to say. “Here is what we are hearing, and what people have to say about that” That is a pretty standard reporting.

Additionally, these types of article are particularly necessary when a White House administration, such as this one, is so hostile to the press. The lead up to firing Director Comey had three different version coming from White House staff on three different days. I’ll take the word of several different news organizations over the white house under any administration.

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