Take a break from BUIDLing and ask: Where are we now? Where are we going?

Earlier this year, Greg Colvin and I wrote an open invitation in order to gather the community together to improve the Ethereum improvement process. This was the beginning of the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians.

In this open invitation, Greg and I proposed a vision for self-organizing and maximizing technical opportunities in our community:

The Goal. To keep Ethereum The Best It Can Technically Be.
The Mission. To Nurture Community Consensus on the technical direction and specification of Ethereum.
The Work. Primarily, high-quality Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), accepted by a consensus of the Community.

We also proposed a set of principles to serve as our guide, and a set of practices in order to realize our vision.

What have we done so far with our vision, principles, and practices?

An early expression of our practice of “online presence” was founding the Magicians’ Forum. This website has enabled us to come together online and have meaningful, ongoing discussions.

The Magicians’ Forum at https://ethereum-magicians.org

And this effort has worked out well! Every day, there is a new, thoughtful discussion about topics from stuck ether to the nuts and bolts of status codes, UX-related standards, and contract security.

The crucial practice of In-Person Work was also brought to fruition in the weeks after our Invitation. In March, we gathered together for our first Magicians’ Council at EthCC in Paris.

Council of Paris, 2018 … (an amazing photo by Ashley Tyson of the Web3 Foundation)

At that Council, we formed a circle and began a discussion. We talked about the Ethereum improvement process, governance in general, and what we would like to do to improve our process going forward. We also decided to meet again at the Berlin Council, from July 13–15!

Save that date (and please do read Lane Rettig’s notes from the Paris Council, and watch the video record taken by our hosts at the EthCC of this special gathering).

And so in Berlin the circle shall be re-formed. Expressing our principle of Open Process, we invite all to participate in this work. We can move specific EIPs forward, or we can consider the larger topics affecting our community. Come to Berlin from July 13–15 to work on issues, or join us later in the Magicians’ Forum to “reach a rough consensus” on issues.

See EIP-1 for the longer explanation of the process.

Participating in the decision-making process is one way that, as a community, we can self-improve. It is not easy to allocate time to reflect and self-improve when we are so busy BUIDLing / programming /researching /writing / learning / organizing. Still, we all must do this in our own lives, and we must do this in our Ethereum life.

Please let us know if you would like to attend on this registration form.

It would be wonderful if you would donate to our effort to organize these Summer meetings. If you will be attending, we recommend a minimum donation of 0.1 ETH to help cover expenses. Thank you.

And your organization can be a sponsor!

As you can imagine, a gathering like this involves a lot of planning. A special thanks must be extended to those who are helping organize the summer meetings, including Boris Mann, Dani Bellavita, and Ashley Tyson.

Lastly, we would like to invite the community to take a look at the proposed topics (and possibly propose new ones).

To be covered as a full Council:

To be covered in working groups:

  • Virtual Machines: EVM / WASM / K-EVM / IELE
  • UX: account management / signatures / wallets
  • Upgrading clients / making forks less dire
  • Compensating nodes / paying rent on contract storage
  • Status codes and improving the developer experience
  • Security and contract auditing (or later at EthBerlin)

As you can see, there is a lot of work to do, but I know that we will have a great time doing it!

We’ll see you in Berlin.