Exponential growth devours and corrupts

The solution isn’t simple, but we’re in dire need of a strong counter culture, some mass infusion of the 1960s spirit. To offer realistic, ethical alternatives to the exponential growth logic.


The culture to counteract this destructive force could involve an extension of the open source development scene into the business and venture capital realm. The spirit that created a freer internet can be directed at creating a freer business world.

One emerging approach toward this end is cryptoeconomic protocols. With new levels of data integrity, reduced service costs, and very broad early-stage participation by developers and early adopters, viable ideas are able to scale up without traditional capital.

By gaining control over the business scale-up, developers and users can construct the service that suits their needs and ethical outlook. For example, incentives within a particular solution space can be balanced in order to create desirable outcomes. These might include fair business practices, reasonable compensation for contributions, and the prevention of abuse of a monopoly position.

Once in a while, a new set of infotech like the internet, web, or blockchain gives us a really interesting opportunity — even if short-lived — to create a better working and living environment!

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