I didn’t even mention Jeremy Corbyn..?
Rob Francis

I’m neither denying or not denying — if you read my note you’ll see I’m waiting for evidence. And I know you didn’t mention Corbyn, but maybe you should have. You’d have seen why if you read my note. I’m opposed to only to antisemitic bigotry — shouting Zionist, filthy or otherwise, at anybody is moronic — but I’m also opposed to the use of unfounded accusations of antisemitism as some sort of sad political gambit. That’s why evidence and facts are critical, to try and see through the mud stirred up by political cynics crying wolf. It’s deeply unfortunate that the two MPs calling for an investigation into this are John Mann and Ian Austin, two “media Blairites”. It would have been much more helpful to the victims of any antisemitism if someone more neutral was involved, to avoid any appearance of this being yet another occasion where Blairites call Corbynites silly names.

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