• Paul Jantzen D. Gaston

    Paul Jantzen D. Gaston

    Branding & Digital partisan. Eccentric & ingenious bibliophile. Figure skating beau. Visionary gentleman.

  • relevant


    making the internet more relevant, one card at a time.

  • Eileen Borromeo

    Eileen Borromeo

    Ex-BBH planner and one-time resident of Singapore. In pursuit of the next big thing back in sunny Manila.

  • RJ Marmol

    RJ Marmol

    WhateverBuys.PH | TheWokeWay.org | YouTube.com/RJMarmol | Computer technologist / Content creator

  • joe jojo siao

    joe jojo siao

  • Miguel Ambrosio

    Miguel Ambrosio

    Web Designer + Developer

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