Nissan combats line waiting with a chair..yes, a chair.

In a world where you can have Chipotle delivered to your door, waiting in line seems a bit archaic. But still, the pain of waiting in line exists. From theme parks, to Starbucks, to stadiums and even our local watering holes to let loose…lines are apart of every day lives.

Being stuck in traffic and having slow wi-fi are the only two annoyances ranking above waiting in line, via top 50 annoyances people go through daily. Although traffic and slow wi-fi are their own beasts, waiting in line seems like such a simple fix via technology.

Nissan has chose an interesting way to combat this inconvenience through their ProPILOT Chair technology.

The theory behind the Nissan ProPILOT is to subtle the annoyance of waiting in line by creating the comfort of sitting down.

Here is how it works: The chair propels itself, detecting the chair ahead of it and keeping a fixed distance between itself and its neighbor, as it moves along a predefined path.

The ProPILOT Chair (per below) is designed to make it a lot easier to wait for something, whether it’s the latest technology dropping or just a seat at the city’s hottest brunch joint.

I know what you are thinking and I am thinking it too…how lazy are we?! And, what does this really solve?

Can you imagine a group of buzzed up millennials sitting down for twenty minutes to get into their favorite brunch or dance spot? Rain check, please.

Thinking about this more in depth, I wanted to dive deeper to find out why we have not found a way to combat the annoyance of lines. Although I applaud Nissan’s attempt to take a stab at the number three ranking annoyance to mankind, there has to be a better option for us.

Looking more in depth, I started to recognize many industries beginning to implement line skipping technology,

For instance, in 2017:

Starbucks launched a skip feature that allows people to purchase items via their mobile app and in turn, go straight to the counter and pick up their order. How great is that? Starbucks is currently seeing 1MM users a month utilizing the skip feature, and it only recently launched.

Walmart very recently launched their own skip feature. Walmart has been infamous (in a bad way) for extremely long waits at their pharmacy counters. With their customer in mind, they realized the need to adjust through technology.

Walmart executive, Paul Beahm, speaking to the issue. “The upgrades, affect two departments in Walmart stores where customers are most likely to have frustrating wait times, the pharmacy department, and money services desk.”

There are even industries that have found new revenue opportunities to play to their customers pains, and charge a fee to skip the wait. Genius!

In a monotonous and very scientific conclusion, I found that every single person on this planet, loath’s waiting in airport security lines. TSA has recognized this customer dissatisfaction and implemented TSA pre-check (for a fee) to allow customers to have the option to pay and skip the wait. This one seems like a no brainer’. Where do I pay?

The genius continues with the Walt Disney franchise. The mecca of line skipping.

Disney theme parks have been the pioneers in line skipping for years, while utilizing this customer satisfaction piece to create new revenue.

Disney theme parks caught some backlash when they first launched the ability for people to choose to pay to skip the line…but ultimately, customers want the option. To not offer the option combating the third rated annoyance to the human populace is quite frankly, delusional to your customers wants.

Customers want options, and you know what they say…the customer is always right.

Technology has found a way to service and enhance traditional/manual ways of doing day to day things. Luckily for all of us, it seems that waiting in line is soon to be a dying breed. We can only hope that every other industry takes note and gives their customers the option to skip the pain in the ass that we all knew as…waiting in line.