I admit — I was wrong

I love admitting this. I expected the markets to tank after a Trump victory. And I was wrong. But this also means, I can either carry out my future trades after wiping my wounds and move on.

I choose to move on. But I’m not quite confident of letting go of my short on the $SPY. This is pretty much a repetition of the Brexit bear trap. New target for $SPY is 236.5 which means another 10% gain.

Couple of plays that I’m looking on are:

1. $TBT — incase interest rate starts to rise, looking at the way the market is going and the expectation for higher inflation.

2. $GDXJ — Gold miners juniors would be worth some speculative play.

3. ^VIX — for safety sake and to help me keep an eye on the markets with all the uncertainty.