Never Say Retire

I’ve always wondered about retirement… What is retirement? Why should we retire… retire from what?

If you’re working and really dont like your job — then I can safely expect that either you want to quit and retire or you wan to quit and do something else. But what happens if you like your job, you have the energy to continue at it, you have the passion for it… will you ever retire?

Are you working too much? Workaholic? Well, it could be one of the following reasons:

  1. you have no clue why you’re working so hard
  2. you’re trying to impress others
  3. you’re trying to get a promotion or rewarded
  4. you have nothing better to do with your time instead
  5. you’re hiding in the office because you dont want to spend time with your wife and family or friends! or ultimately…
  6. you enjoy it as a hobby and you’re getting satisfaction from it.

It probably all boils down to pursuit of happiness (I hope you’ve watched the film!). Are you happy doing what you do? Do you find it just enough challenging to keep you motivated?

I think using the word ‘retire’ is not right… perhaps semi-retirement or perhaps living ‘your life’ would be more appropriate. If there was no difficulty or hard work in life… we’d become untoned flab… the hard life tones you physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. No challenge

Without having something to do, or interactions with people, you can find your time slipping away… reading the newspapers front to back, watching TV through the day and night, sleeping at odd hours even when you’re not tired.

Until you find yourself getting depressed and lethargic… with a lack of energy. That’s what was happening to my dad… who “retired” at the age of 55… yes that was too early…

But I guess he finally asked the question we all do at some point of time… “What am I DOING with my life!?”

That’s when things changed… he went back to work, for charity… and his energy, his enthusiasm, his liveliness was back.

His advice to me… Never Retire. Don’t even say you’ll retire. Work until your death… then you can sleep as much as you want!