Something Was Wrong — Jamie Dimon

Dimon said he was worried that “something was wrong” in the US and there are six issues holding back economic growth.

I love Jamie, he always has a pulse on what’s going on, from fintech to economy. You can read his recent letter to shareholders (40 pages is a skim!)

Or you can read the 6 issues he highlighted below.

“It is clear that something is wrong — and it’s holding us back. Many economists believe we are now permanently relegated to slower growth and lower productivity (they say that secular stagnation is the new normal), but I strongly disagree.”

  1. Labor force participation is too low.
  2. Education is leaving too many behind.
  3. Infrastructure needs planning and investment.
  4. Our corporate tax system is driving capital and brains overseas.
  5. Excessive regulations reduce growth and business formation.
  6. The lack of economic growth and opportunity has led to deep and understandable frustration among so many Americans.