What makes you truly happy?

Many times we are truly afraid to answer this question, why? Not many of us even have the answer to that.

If we genuinely dig into our inner core & ask ourselves, what makes us truly happy? We don’t generally get to an answer & that is because most times we don’t know what that is.

Today I’d like to ask you this simple question, not so that you can be afraid of the answer but that you can actually become aware of what lives within & what it is that truly makes you happy.

Most people rely on others for happiness or joy or even contentment, today I’d like you to find that space & one thing or many things that makes you truly happy.

Once you are able to be truly open & honest with yourself, you will notice the ability to change certain things that influence your current state of happiness or so called happiness.

Do yourself a favor today & ask yourself the question, what makes me truly happy?

Here’s to your happiness & success,

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