Why do we do what we do?

Many of us do things for the pure purpose of making money.

When you actually ask yourself this question & you are honest about the answer, you will see that in many instances you are only out to make some cash.

This is hardly enough to keep you motivated in the long term. If you have a serious why, your motivation in times of failure tends to be so much easier, if it were just about making money, not even that would lift you from the depths of despair.

Take for example a young entrepreneur, looking to start out his or her business, when you set your goals & strategy for the future, you obviously want to make money, hit your first failure & what happens? No money? So how do you pick yourself up again? Your why, wasn’t strong enough!

Get yourself to a real reason why you start out doing what you are doing & ask yourself if you can do this without making money & if you would still be doing it in 6months from starting out, if not then you need to reassess your goal process.

It’s all about the passion you need to have for whatever it is you want to do, that will be the start of why you do what you are doing!

For many it could be financial freedom yes, to be able to travel, to have the time to do what ever it is you want, whatever it is you set out to do, ensure you have a realistic WHY to pick you up when you hit the ground,