What disturbed me about the Facebook meeting.
Glenn Beck

Hi Glenn -

First off, nice work — this piece may do more in the way of reputational rehab than Bieber’s roast. Good on you and hope there’s more to come.

Two relevant thoughts:

  1. My favorite republicans today I actually met when they were working at Facebook and I was their client. One is even a Mormon (only calling this out based on your quota comment). While they’ve left FB we remain friends (on FB and beyond). Facebook is actually not a conservative-free zone.
  2. I actually think FB does a pretty good job of bursting the “filter bubble.” Take a look at this example: https://twitter.com/jpmarcum/status/732932614047305728 I saw that example weeks ago and thought it so exciting that I screenshot it not knowing that this controversy would erupt. I love how FB provided a counterpoint to a piece I just read. In this way it is arguably the least-biased news source today. If they keep doing this we will all benefit.

Last thought. Not even my FB conservative friends are comfortable supporting Trump. Like it or not, in the great meritocratic swirl that is business today, we want and need great minds regardless of the race, gender, religion or sexual orientation of the people that carry them. Bigotry may be good for GOP politics but it isn’t good for business.

Oh, and when you veer into anti-elitism, well, you start to sound more like Pol Pot than Reagan. The only Ivy grad from the last 30 years who wants to seem like a hater is Cruz and he may not be your ideal standard-bearer. The reality is that the Democrats own the valley not because of what they offer but because of what the GOP currently condemns. Figure out how to win elections without the hate and maybe you’ll start getting somewhere.

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