I was just banned from participating on r/Feminism and here’s why.

“I want to learn about Feminism” says the user u/MissMoai on reddit. “Please help me enlighten myself!”

“Sure!” I think as I type into google “Camille Paglia on Feminism” … *search*

I scrummage through a few videos I’ve already…

The idea of “toxic masculinity” and “toxic femininity” is incredibly flawed.

There are only toxic men and toxic women.

Consider the following:

Imagine I’m drunk and I’m driving a car. You’re also drunk, and you’re riding a bicycle. How this same mental impairment effects our ability to operate our respective…

Imagine if animatronics with weak AI started taking over all forms of entertainment.

Imagine this. You go to a comedy club, and instead of a human on stage, there’s a animinatronic that looks sort of like something you’d see at Chuck-E-Cheese.

It’s voice is like Siri’s, and it only tells…

By not obeying a request
Of the offended.

A request to behave in a way…
I wouldn’t have otherwise behaved.

A request to behave in a way…
I wouldn’t have otherwise been expected to behave.

I know I keep saying “a request” here,
But one can reasonably say “no” to a request…

So make no mistake about it,
This wasn’t a request.

This was a command.

I said no.

I was banished.

Today I committed sacrilege.

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I understand that it’s your religion, and I respect your right to believe in and use the model of intersectionality as a tool in your personal life, but to the extent that you insist I must adhere to your religious doctrines, I’m going to have to respectfully decline.

I’ll take…

JP McGlone

Software Developer, Gamer, Tinkerer, Free Speech advocate

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