Helping you maintain personal privacy as you build your professional online presence.

As new web developers it’s never too early to begin thinking about branding ourselves and securing the domain name we want. While it is important to get our names out there as professionals, it is still important to maintain a level of privacy about us. When it comes to this it is important to make sure we pick the correct domain name registrar.

One of the ways we can maintain our privacy as individuals while using the Internet as a business tool is being aware of the website The purpose of Whois is to allow users to access information about the owner(s) of any domain name on the Internet. This includes the website’s registrar, servers, creation date, expiration date, and when the domain name was last updated.

Of course, domain name registrars are aware of Whois and some have used it to their advantage. Some research will allow new web developers to easily find out which registrar is best for them regarding their privacy.

For example, and both charge their clients an extra fee to protect their information from Whois. Whois protection from Name costs $3.99 in addition to the cost of the domain itself. In comparison, Namecheap’s “WhoisGuard” will cost you an additional $3.75.

However there are domain registrars where pay extra for privacy does not exist. The best of these is perhaps This highly reputable company offers Whois privacy included in their registration prices. In addition to Hover, also offers this complimentary service.

It’s true that paying an extra four bucks for Whois isn’t the end of the world, but still. I’d like to know that whichever registrar I choose to use is proactively working to protect my privacy. A little due diligence will allow new web developers some piece of mind regarding this issue.

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