The Nexa of Application Management
James Urquhart


As the CTO of a service offering that includes Apps Management I’m constantly looking as ways to optimize delivery for this function. We work with the APM tools as well as service management tools and now there’s an emerging set of tooling is leveraging AI and Machine Learning for detect and correct. The positive aspect is that while many of these tools seem to be unitaskers they all share their data quite effectively, typically in the form of log consumption. The downside is there is not “one tool to rule them all”. This may be somewhat historic as operations engineers are a bit like shamans in that they like to concoct their own toolbox for ops management. With regard to the APM vendors, one that I have worked with closely has stated that the company works diligently at focusing on being an APM solution as many want them to extend their tooling to support natural add-on capability as you have pointed out in your blog. It would seem that in this area the buying audience likes the modular approach to tooling and that is driving the outcome you see.

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