Check out this obnoxiously blatant sales pitch

Hey so, today’s post is gonna be a straight pitch.

Won’t hide it.

Here’s the thing, though, before you click away or instantly melt into a heap of “ohmagawd, you’re gonna sell something”. Really think about this for a second. I think it’s just too easy for developers today to brush this stuff off, like “Ugh, not another pitch… ugh”.

But, actually think about the big picture for a second.

The things you want.

What you’ll need to learn to get there.

How you’re gonna do that.

The time it might take.

All that.

Why not catch a break?

By just listening for a second.

So, here’s the deal. Udemy does these periodic 10-buq deals where you can get most of their 30,000+ courses for just 10 buqs. That includes some of the best web development courses on the planent. Take Rob Percival’s Complete Web Developer Course for a second.

It’s just 230+ lectures.

Covers HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Python…

And damn near everything else you’d want to learn.

It has the most 5-star ratings of any course on Udemy.

And, he’s a freakin’ Nazi about keeping it updated.

(Don’t punch him, tho.)

And, it’s just 10 buqs right now.

So, forget me for second. Forget that you’re annoyed with me telling you about this… and just think about logically… black and white. If you need to learn some of that stuff, doesn’t it make sense to learn it from a course you KNOW is good, up to date… all that?

AND, it’s just 10 buqs.

Aight, so that’s my pitch.

There’s all sorts of courses over there.

Web development. Android. iOS. Hacking.

Whatever tickles your tootsies.

The discount link is

Yeah, that’s an affiliate link. I’ll earn a small commission if you use it to get your courses. Which… I know will make some of you vow to never use it. But, if you’ve got any value from any of my emails, videos, podcasts, etc… AND you wanna give one of these courses a try…

It’d be dope if you used that link.

You’ll be helping support what I do here.

Aight, guess that’s it.

Link again is:

(Now, was that so bad?)



P.S. Watch the video version of this message here:

Listen to the audio version here:

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