Startup Projects: Place

Process and Final Flows

In three months, I researched, designed, and prototyped an entire payments system for Lady Gaga’s flagship social platform, Place. While the startup is no longer operational, this is some of the work that I was able to accomplish in the time that I was there.

UI Guides and Personas
White-boarding Sessions
Research and Development (Planning)
Explorations and Mocking
Final Flows

Photo by Melissa, Spr’ 2015

Thanks to mentors and teachers from the Whitespace crew for an invaluable experience —

Deny Khuong, Vivian Khuong, Jihee Kim, Jessica Stanell, Katherine Nguyen, Andrew Johnson, Brian Lovin, Darren Chan, Noah Levin, Ryan Koziel, Tim Van Damme, and Xander Pollock — among others.

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