Christian Dating Safety: Case Their Casa

Christian dating involves a solid element of character investigation. Since ultimately we are more interested in the interior of our person than their exterior, men and women in pursuit must become versed in “heart verification”. Sidenote: the suggestions in this article should not be applied with stiffness or that unattractive brand of seriousness that drowns any or the ever winsome upbeat optimism.

Home Inspections For Christian Dating Safety

Especially in cultures with a heavy Christian influence, it is common for men & women to amplify their spirituality or even pretend that they are a Christ follower for the perceived relational advantage that it gives them with the opposite sex. It is these investigative practices, applied with a heavy heaping of grace that separates savvy Christian daters from more simplistic ones. Essentially your goal is to unearth a large quantity of personal background evidence on your significant other, then sift through all concerns by sorting essential warnings from standard growth area stuff. My wife Jenn had a notoriously discombobulated living space when we met, with small UHual being filled by bags of trash. This was clearly a growth area, not a major reason for concern.

Christian Dating Safety: Verify Who They Say They Are

Verification and investigation are normal features of the first thirty days, with basic dating safety as a priority. With all the vanity and puffery in the world, you must make it your business to get a full sense of the person you are pursuing (or who is pursuing you). Casing a casa provides dramatic visual clues to the manner of living, values, and interests of your significant other. Quite possibly, you may gain more insight from a fifteen-minute tour of personal living space than from ten evening dates. It may be spruced-up, but the casa does not lie. A word of caution — casing the casa is for those who have established a baseline of safety and rapport. This is not for the second date with the guy you met on In fact, there is a reason that I positioned this chapter right after circling up. After you have circled up and brought some social currency to bear, then you are ready to visit their home, preferably during daylight hours!

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