Torch is Changing the Internet for Families

Pause, curate, and monitor the internet with ease.

Power to the parents in the Digital Age.

The internet is a wonderful place for kids to grow up, but only when parents are intentional about how and when they use it. Torch has created the first app-controlled router that gives kids freedom to follow their curiosities in a safe environment, and parents enjoy the ability to balance their kids’ tech usage with traditional family values and togetherness.

Co-founder and CEO Shelley Prevost has a passion for balance and intentional communication in all aspects of life, and Torch is an obvious extension her convictions. I suspect that Torch will not only give parents control over how their kids use technology, but it will also be a fantastic stepping-off point for intentional conversation about some of the more taboo realities of life. I have no doubt that relationships, trust, and family values will swell when Torch shines in your home.

“[Parents] are constantly monitoring either sugar or screens. We can help you with screens, but with the sugar you’re on your own!”

–Shelley Prevost

I won’t ask you if you want to know more about Torch as a parent in 2015. You DO want to know more about Torch. Follow this link to their KickStarter page to watch their hilarious ad (must watch!), how it works, and behind the scenes interviews with Shelley and the rest of Torch’s leadership.

Torch in an infographic:

I know these Torch-ers well, and they’re serious about making the internet an endless horizon of positivity for kids. Check them out and see for yourself!

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