I’m Taking a part-time industry leave to work on Vert.x at Red Hat

I am very happy to announce that I am joining the Vert.x team at Red Hat starting next Monday!

I will work part-time as a delegated consultant to Red Hat thanks to an agreement with INSA-Lyon where I will continue my academic projects and duties.

After a few years in Academia I felt the need to get some fresh “hands-on” industry experience and step out of my comfort zone. Eclipse Vert.x is a vibrant project that matches lots of my and my Dynamid research team current interests. It will provide a natural continuity between my academic work and my contributions to Eclipse Vert.x.

I am very excited and humbled by the challenges presented by this opportunity. I will do my best to help Eclipse Vert.x going forward!

Many thanks to Red Hat, INSA-Lyon, the Telecom department, the CITI-INRIA Laboratory and the Dynamid research team for their enthusiasm and support.