The biggest mistake people make in assuming Facebook ads don’t work is they spend too little and they throw common sense out the window (or, for purposes of this emoji, in garbage).

If you think you’re going to spend $100 and make thousands of dollars, then something is wrong. To run an effective campaign, you should be budgeting a MINIMUM $1,000/month in ad spend. That will let you … actually, BARELY let you … try a couple of different ad sets and creatives to test. Testing is key.

Lastly, people assume they can just promote their product to hundreds of thousands of people who have never heard of the brand and go straight for the sale. Why would this ever work? You don’t walk into a restaurant and introduce yourself with “Buy my product.” You don’t respond to people who walk over to your trade show booth with “Hi, how many would you like to buy?” People need to learn about your brand and who you are. They say it takes 7 interactions with a potential customer to get them to buy. Facebook isn’t the place to throw common sense sales tactics out the window … it’s the place to AMPLIFY your reach and sales tactics. So make sure you spend just as much time or even more on Top of Funnel awareness as you do on Bottom of Funnel sales.