I don’t think I’m brilliant. Is it wrong to want to be. Is it wrong to be a little boy at heart who wants nothing more then to believe that he is amazing. I’ve never noticed until now, but my whole life I’ve simply tried to be more. Everything that I think of, everything that I do, everything that I accomplish I question, “Is this brilliance?” I could just be a moron. I would never know. I live blinded. I live stubbornly knowing that I’m ignorant and striving to be more then just that. I can fail hundreds of times and all the signs can point to being average, being far below the point of brilliance. I find it so humorous to know this because I will still keep trying. I will still keep believing that I might perhaps be even more than brilliance. I know I am not, but it is so funny because I can happily continue trying. The effort of trying brings me peace, joy, and harmony. Every aspect of my personality has been shaped by this idea since I was little boy. I know this because I have spent every second of my life in constant thought of myself and my environment. I remember the days when I was 5 to 7 years old only because I know I thought in the same way as I do now. I have changed in tremendous ways, but this only because my logic has grown. I still feel like that little boy. I may not be brilliant, but please accept me for trying to be.

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