The Big Bang Within Me

His heart broke into millions of pieces. He gave his last breath forging millions of little hearts and created a new world. His love fell upon the people of the universe from the stars. It rained upon peoples pain and washed it away. Stars falling from the skies to cleanse the world. In his growing emptiness he hugged all the galaxies he could in eternal loneliness. Stretching out as far as he could giving us bright shiny stars to look at and lighting the places that would never know light. He became the abyss of space itself. We now sit in his arms letting him care for us, letting him give us sunsets and sunrises, eclipses and full moons. A love so powerful its heartbreak echoed everything into existence. A love so tragic that even whenst gone continues to love, but not the way it was meant to love. Love can not be created or destroyed.

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