Those defending Colin Kaepernick’s right to sit during the National Anthem are missing the point. Of course he has the right to free speech, no shit, no one is debating that. His constitutional rights are guaranteed by the blood of our fallen military men and women.

With that being said. The real question is why Kaepernick chose this avenue? A rich and famous man such as Kaepernick could have chosen several different avenues to protest. Why has he chosen this route?

He must understand what the American flag means to people. To me personally, the flag represent how lucky I am to live in a free society. I read the paper every day of places around the world where strong men with guns take the lives and property of those who are weaker. That doesn’t happen here.

It represents the military, for which I proudly served and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who died protecting those rights from tyranny. Beginning from the revolutionary war, the civil war, and to our current war against ISIS, an evil entity that murders and enslaves minorities, our fighting men and women have died and continue to die to keep this country free.

Kaepernick must know that millions of Americans feel this way about the flag. Then why has he purposely chosen to disrespect it? Of course the country has problems, what nation doesn’t? Reforms are certainly needed in the criminal justice system and in some police municipalities, but why disrespect the flag?

The question is not whether he has the right to practice free speech, of course he does. That right is guaranteed by the blood of our fallen. The question is whether the avenue he has chosen to protest is appropriate, or is it disrespectful.

If you feel it is appropriate, why? That is the question that you must defend.

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