Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Apple’s AirPods
Chris Messina

Interesting read. I understand the underlying arguments and have heard more or the less the same about the real direction of Apple, reason for removal of the headphone port, etc.

As a genuine real concern (this being said without ever having worn a pair), no matter how much engineering Apple has done, they cannot engineer around the differences in people’s ear openings with a one size fits all approach. Ear buds that actually stay in and are comfortable have been the biggest issue with ear buds (and sound quality from them) long since dealt with by requiring removable and replaceable tips to truly be able to work for the masses. AirPods offer no such compromise and yet the Apple fans will put up with this trash because…it’s Apple and “it’s a fashion statement” and an expensive “status symbol”. That teamcoco video is probably not far from the truth.

I will say as an aside, there is absolutely nothing dripping with sex appeal about dangly ear ring AirPod things hanging from anyone’s ears…particularly a man’s imo. I also think it’s equally ridiculous that people walk around having seemingly one sided conversations with themselves and with massive cans on (nothing against cans, I own a great pair and I think this is a good change that has helped drive the industry of actually caring about audio quality again), dead to the world. It might be normal and accepted but I still think it’s a sad comment on society today and I hardly look forward to our “voice command” real time interaction future.

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