Maserati Levante SUV V6 Prototype Spotted in San Francisco

I heard it before I saw it, a loud howling engine sound with lots of overrun crackle that usually says european sports car. But when it came into sight at the lights I was stumped. It looks like a Porsche Macan in profile, so much so that I first misidentified it as that. But in daylight the next day it became clear it was something altogether more interesting.

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This looks very much like a Macan

The next morning while walking my dog I found it parked on the street! It’s not a Porsche, it’s a Maserati Levante. A few key differences from the Macan, the gas cap is on the opposite side, the rear widow frame outline is different. But apart from that they could be twins.

The camo wrap was factory bad, not some aftermarket wrap pretending to be factory camp, this was the real deal, peeling and all.

And there was the giveaway, a Maserati grill.

And a Maserati logo on the wheel and a taped over trident badge.

And here for your enjoyment are a a lot more images.

It’s a V6
Label on the dash
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