Pass it on

I was with my son at his doctor’s office. The receptionist was busy juggling calls. The calls kept coming in. And she was doing her best answering every one of them like it was the only call that mattered. In the twenty minutes we had to wait, she must have taken at least twelve calls. In spite of that call volume, her voice was cheery, friendly and helpful.

On my way in to be seen by the doctor, I stopped by her desk and said ‘You have one of the most amazing voices I have heard. If I were on the other end of the call I can easily tell that you are happy the way you are and would like to help me achieve the reason why I was calling. Thank you for doing what you do’.

I could tell she was happy to be recognized and the joy showed on her face. The genuinely big thank you smile said it all.

It didn’t take much to make her happy. In the process, I felt happy for making a difference in someone’s day.

Made me realize that there is as much joy in giving as it is in receiving. Even if it is just a compliment.

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