Mitochondria OpEd AP Bio- Self Governance and Immigration

As Senator, I would be a proud defender of our country’s democratic systems. I believe that all people (or organelles) should make decisions and determine what happens around them. Organelles should not leave all executive function to some tyrannical nucleus, but should rather hold their own opinions and code for their own proteins. Today, organelles have too little intellectual freedom; they always just do what the nucleus tells them to, and I find this disturbing. I have always sought to preserve my intellectual freedom, even when I was considered an illegal immigrant from outside the cell.

Speaking of outsiders, I would bring about dramatic changes to the country’s immigration policies. Symbiotic relationships are beneficial regardless of whether or not the immigrant possesses the necessary paperwork. My own ancestors came to this country millions of years ago and settled right in. They never caused any problems, and they developed into perfectly functional cell citizens. Today, their ancestors continue to work hard every day while contributing their own cultural flare to the community.

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