I’m answering all the stupid questions about startup so that you don’t have to ask them

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For the last 10 years or so I’ve been trying to unravel how to teach startup. It began as an experiment with my kids, now in the pre-teen to teen transition. I wanted to put something together to give them the answers to all the stupid and not-so-stupid questions I had about startup when I lucked into it.

And I wanted them to not have to luck into it. I wanted them to know that startup, or entrepreneurism, was a valid career choice. And life choice. I wanted them to know that they didn’t have to walk the same path as everyone else.

This isn’t teaching startup (and if you know me, pun intended). This is just the shape and size of the startup universe.

You can’t teach entrepreneurism out of a book. You just can’t. I tried. I tried it one-on-on as a mentor, advisor, and investor. I tried it with a website. I tried it with videos. All those things worked in their own right, but they all had their flaws.

Every startup is different, and every entrepreneur is different. Their backgrounds are going to be different, their access is going to be different, and the way they’re accepted or not into what we mistakenly call the startup community is going to be different.

You’re all going to have your own hurdles. You’ll be much better equipped to handle those unique challenges on your own, without my sanctimonious blathering. But if I can tell you what the rules are and where the out-of-bounds lines are, you won’t have to fake it when you’re in a room with customers, partners, advisors, investors, whomever.

And for those of you who are already doing startup or have maybe already had some success, you have gaps. I know because I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and I have gaps. Blind spots. Questions that still need answers. Weaknesses.

This isn’t total altruism, because I’m selling this book. On Amazon. No link, go get the free one on Smashwords and just take my word for it. This is also not a marketing ploy, because I don’t want anything back. And also because that kind of marketing is broken when it comes to this kind of content. I’d rather not track page views and attribution and build email lists and Twitter followers with this. If enough of you like it, that kind of thing will take care of itself and will ultimately be more valuable to me anyway.

So this is the beginning, the big roadmap. What you choose to do afterwards is on you, but don’t stop asking stupid questions.

In fact, ask me stupid questions. Whatever kind of question you want. And maybe I’ll answer that question here. Hit me up @jproco or at joeprocopio.com.