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How to identify different speakers without labels

Amazon offers a tool for Kindle and Video it calls “X-Ray” that gives you access to extra information about the scene at hand. The information includes the characters present and helps to navigate between sections of a book or drill into the filmography of a vaguely familiar actor.

One might imagine the demands of producing such a service require some form of labelling (either exhaustively by hand or for a classifier). However wouldn’t it be cool if we could infer the splits without any labelling labour at all? …

Ah-ha! moments in making sense of Bayesian statistics

This post is aimed at those who have already dipped their toe into Bayesian statistics without any rigorous formal training i.e. myself.

  • 101 Recap
  • Primary Frequentist Differences
  • Some Ah-ha!s
  • MCMC
  • AB Testing
  • Hierarchical Modelling

101 Recap

  1. “Probability and statistical inference have inverse objectives”

With probability modelling we set the parameters for a specified model and simulate potential outcomes. Statistical inference on the other hand ingests measurements from the world and backtracks to estimate the parameters of a chosen model.

The bidirectional relationship underpins the way we validate statistical techniques’ potential to capture the essence of reality: we synthesise data from a known…

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