My “Hello, World!” Program

I knew I was doing great back when I was still in the Philippines. Everything was working out so well. Landed a software engineering job, earned a competitive salary, co-founded a startup, pitched ideas in local and international startup events, won several hackathons, and most importantly, learned and enjoyed a lot from these experiences. It’s my dream. It’s all just like I planned.

Until my family moved here in California two months ago and reset everything…

Our New Neighborhood

As an immigrant, I know it will be very difficult to start a new life. It’s like I’ve been reborn in a foreign land. I get acclimated to the weather, speak English daily, familiarize with the US currency, get a government-issued ID, open a bank account, meet new friends, and learn the BART. For every day that passes, money goes out. There’s no money coming in. I should be applying for a job now… but I can’t. I am not allowed to work until I receive the necessary papers to be given by the US government. I’m playing the waiting game.

The View From Our Backyard

Though it’s hard, I know I am destined for greatness. It’s like learning a new programming language, you start from a simple “Hello, World!” program. But sooner or later, you’ll become one of the top software engineers who will really know and understand the language.