Ever come across people saying:

With age we sort lose our potential to learn new things or with experience comes baggage?

When we started Delium, I realised that it was harder for me to remember syntax of a new programming language — something that should have not been the case…

The fairy godmother that every business owner longs for.

Running a retail business successfully has always been and will always be about strategy. Looking past the horizon the next few years will require every business owner to wear his strategy cap more than ever before.

With the context of a supermarket in mind, A quick trip down the memory…

The illusion of competition

I live in a country where I can find a small kirana store in almost every lane and a large supermarket in walking distance and this pattern is getting more and more prominent with not just the Tier 1 cities.

Why are there only a handful of such large businesses…

Once upon a time there was a king who was going out on his travels, so before leaving, he called for 3 of his most favourite subjects; to each he gave 5 bags of gold and asked them to put it to good use for when he comes back he…

Its become a norm in today’s market for customers to seek promotions, discounts and other goodies. As a business what drives you to give these goodies to your customers?

Beware of building such a customer engagement / loyalty model

If you answer an abstract “To keep my customers happy” or to “To keep my sales intact” or “Just because others…

Simon Roy

Founder, Delium Technologies

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