How Operating In a Vacuum Cost Us Thousands of Dollars per Month

A lot of content creators make this mistake, but it's easy to avoid.

JP Stonestreet
5 min readApr 3, 2023
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After nearly five years of posting videos on YouTube, we're doing well in terms of reach.

Our channel has almost 90K subscribers with just under 4 million views in the past year. Our weekly newsletter has over 8K subscribers with a 50% average open rate.

However, we have seriously struggled to turn our influence into income.

In retrospect, it's due to one mistake that a lot of creators make.

The Early Days

During the first 15 months of our YouTube Channel, we published 3 videos per week, which were 10 to 15 minute long.

We filmed 3 days a week and I edited 3 days a week (Amelia doesn't edit).

It was exhausting!

Record. Edit. Publish. Promote. Rinse. Repeat.

On day 7, did I rest? Nope.

I spent that time trying to improve the quality of our videos by taking tutorials about filming and editing, and by watching video creators who were a lot better than us.

After 15 months of that grueling schedule, we dropped down to one video per week so…



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