The Future of Food and How We Eat

As they say, the future of food will revolutionize the way eat as advance technology make agriculture and food processing more efficient than ever before. Fusion cuisine will become the norm as food culture will become globalized. We may bring future food technology to space colonies with vertical gardens, low-carbon fridge stocks and more novel solutions.

Petri dish meat courtesy of genetic engineering and custom-crafted dish courtesy of 3D printing will become the norm so that we no longer have to visit the supermarket or restaurant just to get a decent chow. We can make it ourselves and just like Andy George from How to Make Everything, we will no longer need food manufacturers and retailers to provide us our favorite sandwich and root beer.

Future trends of food technology will be affected by the impact of demand and supply, globalized food culture and changing flora and fauna. Experts believe that these are the future trends:

1. Industrialized Food Production

As global population increases, there is a growing need to industrialize the production of food in order to meet growing supply and demand. In this case, food will be produced as cheaply as possible at the expense of its workers and natural resources. If you have lots of resources then you might as well do the entire production and manufacturing process on your own. By this time, there will be a growing demand for home gardens so that anyone can produce local, sustainable food at a much lower cost. Unfortunately, we grow crops and turn them into food-like substances that may taste good, provide enough calories, and are cheap and familiar enough to tolerate, but they barely sustain basic nutrition.

2. Deconstructing the Food We Eat

Many Michelin-starred restaurants and up-and-coming chefs have tried to reinvent the food we eat by deconstructing our favorite dishes. With fancy mumbo-jumbo, there will be cryogenically-made ice cream and flavor-extracted roast beef powder. We may become dependent in chemically-induced and genetically-engineered food so that the future food will be basically chemicals injected into our system.

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