Why I started a podcast

I’ve been telling my brother and wife I want to do a podcast for years but always had an excuse. I’ve also got lots on. I work full time, have a family, do crossfit, I’m involved in startup’s, my wife’s business (www.georgehenryclothing.com), I’m on the board for my rugby club, I’m a celebrant and in winter I do rugby commentary for Sky sport and my local club rugby.

So I always had an excuse.. then one day talking to my brother he said you will always be busy mate, just get on with it.

So I did.

And its been hard but it’s also been another great learning and growing experience.

My intention for the podcast is to talk to people I admire and learn from them. If I learn then so do the listeners.

Just in my circle of friends I know some amazing people who I thought could provide great insight on how to set goals, overcome anxiety and depression, talk about what books they read and to tell their story.

So far I’ve been blown away. I never thought I would learn so much. It’s proven my point that everyone has something to share.

If you’re not learning you’re not growing. And growth is the key to life. My theory anyway.

Check out who has been, and is coming on the show. I’m so lucky to have had the chance to speak with these amazing people.

Dr Adam Storey. – NZ Weightlifting Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach for Valerie Adams.

Dominic Harvey. – The Edge Radio Station Host, marathon runner and a reading machine.

Cory Gonzales Mercer. —Actor, Comedian, pitch coach and all round top bloke.

Alex Fala – Former Head Boy of St Pats Town, now CEO of Vend, and a Rhode Scholar.

Haydn Wolfsbauer – Former professional rugby player and now Crossfit games competitor, strength guru and crossfit box owner.

Makaia Carr – Owner of Motivate Me and social media and business consultant. Has over 100k followers on Facebook and has changed the lives of thousnds of New Zealanders.

So there is it. I have a few more to come in the first season that I’m very excited about. One or two big names… I’m pumped.

Head over to http://www.jptocker.com and subscribe to my show and please provide some feedback. I’m learning as I go but loving it.