6 ways to wake up earlier and beat the alarm clock

We have all been there, we hear the alarm and we feel like somebody just brought us back from heaven to the real world. One of the things I have struggled the most in my life, ever since I was a kid, was waking up early and that means anywhere from 5:00AM to 7:30AM, depending on your goals and and sleep time requirements. So here are 6 ways to beat the clock, ideas an tips I have gathered throughout my time in my waking time.

  1. This first idea involves setting a motivation song in your phone to wake you up, such as something that will allow you to envision yourself in 1 year, such as making a bigger paycheck, or traveling to Italy but for now you need that paycheck.
  2. This time I will talk about timing. The sleep association of America gives off as their best sleeping tip as well as to waking up refreshed and with more energy in the morning, to wake up at the same time every single day. This however might be difficult for those that like to stay up late at night on the weekends, sipping on dark ale and strawberry martinis, ladies! lol. There’s good news for the party animals and bad news. This could be reversed on Tuesday, but only after having a grumpy Monday morning, but hey if you want to go out to the club on Friday and Saturday, you gotta make sacrifices!
  3. The third tip I would like to add on is writing a journal with your short term and long term goals. This you can read as soon as you wake up to give you motivation to achieve your dreams. Go get them boy! or girl!
  4. The fourth recommendation is to have an extremely annoying wake up alarm on the other side of the room, and that way you get off your but. By the time you are out of your bed, the hardest step is over. Now go take a cold shower! Yes you! Cold showers although I didn’t include it in my tips, should actually be taken every day. This however is only for the bravest, but it will make you feel unstoppable when your done. Cold showers make you produce serotonin, dopamine and all those good chemicals your body craves. Cold showers also make you look better, its good for the skin, and might even get you a date, cheers for the weekend!
  5. The fifth advice I give on waking up early is to have your partner, or your nagging mom, if you still live with your parents, to wake you up. This can be done provided that this person is better at waking up early than you. i did this all throughout high school, and never again refused my mother after having that glass of cold water sprayed in my face!
  6. This is my personal favorite and it includes having a strong coffee such as a Cuban colada, next to my bedside, and drinking it after hearing the alarm. This works for me because I love coffee so much. This tactic might even work for you if you love another caffeinated drink such as a cup of matcha tea, which is the best drink for the brain in fact!

So there you have it, 6 tips on waking up early and beating the alarm clock. By the way, never press snooze, and this early waking time should become a habit, it should be the main goal. And don’t forget to crown yourself after that cold shower! Stay well my fellow readers and go get your dreams!

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