So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

It’s a vending machine.

Can someone please explain to me why this isn’t a vending machine? There are tons of these all over the United States. I’ve been in countless locations where I pull something (edible or non-edible) out of a “magic” box, flash my Apple Watch to pay with Apple Pay, and I’m done. I walk away happy. I’ve done this with everything from a KitKat bar, to a diet pop, to a small can of shaving cream that the TSA thought I’d use to bring down an airliner. What is new or innovative about this? Am I missing something?

Any innovation that reduces human interaction, like walking down to the corner Bodega, should be approached with caution. Humans need interaction, even if it’s just to yell back and forth with a guy behind the counter making a sandwich for you or selling you a roll of toilet paper at two in the morning.

And don’t even get me started with trying to dehumanize the Bodega Cats with your logo.

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