Supplements can get very confusing. There are so many options out there and each year new herbs and plants are discovered by western society as a reliable way to help protect your immune system or fight infection.

How do we know which supplements will trigger a Lupus flare-up and which helps contain our immune system?!

We’ve been taught to “boost” our immune system when we are sick, so now what do we do?

Hint, we want to use supplements that are immunoregulators, not immune boosters!

I’m going to tell you in simple terms what your immune system is made of and how it responds so that you better understand which supplements to stay away from and why.

Once you are able to create a balanced environment and provide essential nutrients to help “tame the immune flame”, you won’t be as sick as often and you’ll provide your body with essential nutrients to do its’ job at an optimal level.

What Is Your Immune System Made Of:

You have an Innate Immune System and Adaptive Immune System.

Innate Immune System:

It’s an evolutionary defense strategy and is more dominant of the two. It’ made up of physical barriers, defense mechanisms, and a general immune response.

Physical barriers — skin, GI tract, body hair, cilia, and respiratory tract.

Defense Mechanisms — Bodily secretions, bile, gastric acid, saliva, tears, and sweat.

General Immune Response — Inflammation, non-specific and complementary cellular responses.

Leukocytes are apart of your innate immune system. Phagocytes, macrophages, eosinophils, and neutrophils are all cells that have important duties to protect your body from foreign invaders too.

Basically, your innate immunity responds and tries to contain the infection or foreign invader until your adaptive immunity responds. It also clears microbial debris from your body.

Adaptive Immune system

Made of killer T cells and it’s basically an antigen-specific immune response. This is where your immune system recognizes a pathogen and multiplies and becomes a long-term guard against that same pathogen. It helps build your immune system and remembers that specific antigen so that it can protect your body in the future from the same germ or antigen.

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