As a Sanders supporter, I appreciate that you wrote a positive article that focuses on qualities…
I. Kahan

Blinkered much? Just read the comments here, which are typical of elsewhere on the web, to see that the great mass of extreme hostile attacks are aimed at Hillary Clinton. For a berner to talk of “positive” and “innuendo” to a Clinton supporter is the most extreme form of hypocrisy.

To hear many berners tell it, Clinton is the devil incarnate, and is as bad as, if not worse than, genuine sociopaths like Trump and Cruz. Where does this uniform wall of hostility come from? Ironically, it comes straight from the billionaire class — the actual one that Bernie had his sights on before he got caught up in the mania of trying to get elected at all costs, and hired thugs like Jeff Weaver. The Koch brothers, Karl Rove, Sheldon Adelson, and other vastly wealthy people are shoveling money into propaganda to demonize Clinton, and berners are their pawns. If Bernie wins the nomination, those big guns will then turn on him.

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