I can certainly understand your perspective given what your experience seems to be.
Alexander E Jones

“ I find it hard to believe that it uses no design patterns, no established norms, and no common concerns with the rest of the software engineering world.”

I didn’t say that or anything like it nor did I imply it. You appear to be ignorant, incompetent, and intellectually dishonest. Over and out.

P.S. My god some people are stupid. The response to this comment is one of the most illogical incoherent things I’ve ever read. It would seem that this bozo, while calling himself a programmer, has never done any actual programming. He blabbers about “design patterns”, “established norms”, “common concerns”, and “preexisting designs”, as if these were *pluggable modules*, which of course they aren’t. And the claim that “people could (and should) use preexisting designs, and abstract/automate their implementation if they so chose” is ludricrous. Of course we all use preexisting libraries and tools … but that’s the code we *don’t* write, not the code we *do* write. Business logic cannot be pulled off the shelf. Sheesh.

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