there are many moderate muslims and fill the spectrum just the same as christians?
Bob Half

It’s the usual completely dishonest crap we get from lying bigots.

First they make all sorts of claims about individual Muslims like Talia whom they don’t know at all … such as that she has a “ strong allegiance to the Qur’an which states that everyone in the world should be Muslim or become converted to Islam, with pretty strong means suggested, and that that usually includes living under Sharia law” — the fact is that few Muslims believe this, just as few Christians believe that adulterers and wearers of multi-fabric clothing should be stoned to death.

Then they absurdly claim that “ if any Christian minister were advocating those harsh 2000-year-old practices he/she would be soundly called out and probably removed from her/his position”, when not only doesn’t that happen, but Christian ministers calling for the death of all gays are lauded by Republican presidential candidates who come up on the stage to embrace them.

Then they insist that individual Muslims are responsible for the behavior of other Muslims — the core of their despicable bigotry — even after people like Talia have decried violence by other Muslims, all the while, white Western male gits and aholes do not demand that all whites are responsible for the behavior of other whites, all Westerners are responsible for the behavior of other Westerners, all men are responsible for the behavior of other men, all gits are responsible for the behavior of other gits, or all aholes are responsible for the behavior of other aholes.

Then they commit the fallacy of argumentum ad ignorantiam when they announce that “we [do] not hear *much* more uprising by “moderate”, “peace-loving” Muslims to criticize, offset or even remove those Muslim clerics who are are definitely calling for or even insisting on having everyone in this country adapt to Muslim and Sharia practices, or advocating extreme and even violent practices”, as if they had any idea what Muslims actually say or care what they say.

Then they lie about having “trusted knowledge” about “several mosques”, as if what is true of “several mosques” is even relevant to the lives of most Muslims, any more than “trusted knowledge” of what goes on in the Westboro Baptist church, or even Ted Haggard’s megachurch, had any bearing on the lives of most Christians.

And then, to top it off, they lie through their teeth and absurdly claim that they “ *want* to understand this but no one seems to want to explain it”. Yeah, right.