I’m unsure why you refer to yourself as a “PhD Scientist”, as it doesn’t really seem relevant to…
Charles Shopsin

One does have to wonder, because his explanation for why Greenland can’t be melting is beyond laughable. Apparently his search for facts doesn’t include reading any of the research literature or talking to Greenland geologists or doing anything else that might make him realize that his understanding of the mechanisms involved is woefully inadequate — like simply putting ice cubes on a plate, pouring water across the plate, and watching the ice cubes melt from the bottom. In any case, his strongly held political ideology (expressed in other comments) heavily affects his supposed search for facts and his interpretation of them. It causes him to think that his sui generis ideas about Greenland melting override the work of experienced, educated climate scientists because the latter are government funded and all involved in a massive hoax.

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