Ad hominem attacks such as yours is why American politics is so partisan today.
Lynn Fredricks

The ad hominems are all yours, aimed at Elizabeth Warren. The hypocrisy of a complaint of partisanship is quite stunning coming from someone saying that Elizabeth Warren should not hold public office because of some shoddy propaganda invented by Scott Brown in an attempt to win an election and trumpeted by every right winger without regard to fact or reason, but solely because of their partisan ideology.

Elizabeth Warren incorporated this unsubstantiated claim of Native American ancestry into her public speeches.

That’s a flat-out lie.

And in regard to your edit adding a supposed quote from Socrates … anyone remotely literate knows that Socrates did not say anything like that, which is totally out of his character. And two seconds googling the quote confirms that:

It’s as bogus as your claims about Elizabeth Warren. Nothing you claim is true, and I won’t waste any more time on the likes of you.

P.S. The WaPo article cited in this turkey’s response does not support his lying claims about Warren.

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