According to, you? I’m looking at them side by side and they don’t look identically truthful to me.
Sean Joe

You are the one who is lying, blatantly. You cannot point out these flat out lies, you only imagine them. Hillary would not have “pants on fire” instances. If there were any, Politifact would have included them. If there were any, she would have been indicted. As Comey said, some of her statements were false, but that’s not lying because they are details that anyone can get wrong. To come up with a “pants on fire” rating you would have to do careful, diligent, objective research. You would to rate “pants on fire” the same way Politifact does. You haven’t done anything like that, you just make statements direct from your preconceptions and your animus towards Clinton. You’re a dishonest person through and through, and I will waste no more of my time on you. Over and out.

P.S. This “Sean Joe” is such an incredibly dishonest ahole … none of his responses demonstrates any “pants on fire” lie, they just repeat talking points. As I said above, I won’t waste any more time on him. He is blocked.