Well, I hope you’re right.

You wrote something about “this article”, and that’s what I responded about. And I wrote “those who have dismiss it as just a partisan attack on Trump”, which recognizes the willfulness. But willfully ignoring information — i.e., selective perception and confirmation bias — is not an absolute, and people’s minds can still be changed. And political choices involve tradeoffs … many people who are aware of some of Trump’s negatives and even accept that they are negatives could prefer him over the alternative for various reasons when they get to the ballot box … but some of those people are less accepting of a con man who uses get rich quick schemes to swindle people just like them, especially if they have prior experience with being swindled. The psychology of political choice is a complex thing, and it’s a mistake to think that everyone who is for Trump or might consider Trump is frozen in. Many voters don’t make up their minds until well toward voting day.

“ And I share.”

Great! Thanks.

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