I mean, all of your active users. Across your whole organization. Not just some particular project.

Why would I need to do this? In the case you were wondering this, I can tell you my story: in my case, I received the business requirement to force the 2-step verification adoption for advanced users: this is, not just regular G-Suite users (accessing gmail and drive services), but also services like Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Security is a big concern, specially in Cloud environments. GCP is not the exception.

Probably you know you can do this by checking . Nevertheless, this can take a while when the number of projects…

I’ve been a reader of medium a while. I noticed I could start sharing thoughts, ideas and tips. This is my “just do it”. But with a bonus! Two different ways to publish a Hello World.

1. Medium writing 101: the online editor

To start, let’s review the simple formatting menu: I generated a gif recording of how it works. You can see in action regular formatting (bold, italics), link embedding, (sub)titles options, quoting options, and the private notes.

Simple formatting tools in a nutshell (of 10 seconds!)
The formatting options of the online editor.

To complement, I also recorded the left contextual menu for adding media content: here you can see the options for how to add images from your computer (all…

In this case, I am writing using markdown. I can add things like emojis 😅 … and do special formatting like superscripts in numbers: did you know that a googol is 10¹⁰⁰?

I can have code in the post:

def stuff: 
print "I can do stuff"

The previous content was imported as a story, using this gist:

This is how I did this:

This post is , where I explain how you can start writing in medium.

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