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Before reading this article and the textbooks point of view on bad publicity I used to think any publicity is good publicity. I thought this because even if its bad publicity people will still want to go to the store just to see what all the fuss is about. Especially in this generation, us as millennials love social media and in an instant if something goes viral like a well known brand being exposed for something like a scandal or anything of that nature we will be talking about it for the next one to two weeks and will want to go check the brand out for ourselves. I thought this to be true for any and all types of retailers, but after doing some reading I came to realize that bad publicity is only good for sales when it is a new brand or retailer and only for a certain amount of time. If a brand isn’t known and it gets bad publicity people will go running to see where this new brand came from and why everyone is talking about it. On the other hand if a brand is well known it will negatively impact sales in the long run. If some one loves a brand and hears something they don’t like about that brand then the once loyal customers will not even want to go back to the store because they will be losing their trust in that brand. In the article that I attached it goes through each reason why bad publicity can affect a business. To conclude bad publicity can affect the purchasing habits of a customer even if they are new to the brand or familiar.

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