For Virginia Heffernan

My name is Jose Romero, interested in majoring in computer science, and is interested in technology and its effects on aspects of life, including education.

I read the article titled “Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade” and was intrigued by it. It was mentioned that 65% of students that are currently in grade school will grow up to have jobs that have might not have been invented yet, which I found to be very astonishing. I also really liked when it was questioned whenever or not our current system is the best for our time. The world has changed much since the time our current education system was created. Everything is changing faster, and students need to learn better and different skills in order to be able to thrive in this age. In the ever-growing technology world, I was expecting more new types of jobs to emerge, with new inventions and technology on the rise, but I didn’t realize it was so much of a change that 65% of students would have some of those new jobs. However, this does bring up a concern for me. While “out-of-date” jobs might eventually no longer be needed, such as the milkman disappearing with refrigeration, supermarkets and such, there still would be other jobs or careers that have been around for a while, such as the humanities, that could be threaten with less and less people wanting that job or career. Is there an actual threat, and if there is, are there any ways to preserve some of these jobs or careers?

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